Best calamari on

the Sunshine Coast

Squidley's Calamari is here to give good wholesome family friendly food, using fresh ingredients,  while not compromising on

quality, taste and cost.

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gLUTEN Free & Vegan Food

Squidley's Calamari takes great pride in providing 100% Gluten free food that is fun and  tasty. 

And we haven't forgotten about our Vegans. We serve the best Arancini ball, that'll make you keep coming back for more. 


Try out delicious Vegan and Gluten Free Pumpkin Arancini (Risotto Balls) served with Vegan Aioli.


Our Calamari Rings are as tender as they come and are coated in a golden Gluten Free Crumb, served with lemon and your choice of sauce.

Calamari ( 10 Pieces )


Calamari , Chips or Salad


Calamari chips & salad


crumbed fish

Our Fish Fillets are a tasty NZ Hoki coated in Gluten Free Crumbs served with lemon and your choice of sauce.

Crumbed fish (4 Pieces)


Crumbed fish, Chips or Salad


Crumbed fish, Chips & salad


Thai fish cake

Our Thai Fish Cakes are homemade with a secret recipe and are a real treat for anyone looking for something a little different.

Thai fish cakes (3 Pieces)


thai fish cakes, Chips or Salad


Thai fish cakes, Chips & salad


chicken tenders

Our Chicken Tenders are Gluten free 100% Aussie chicken served with your choice of sauce.

Chicken tenders (3 Pieces)


chicken tenders, Chips or Salad


chicken tenders, Chips & salad


vegan pumpkin arancini
pumpkin arancini


Pumpkin arancini, Chips or Salad


pumpkin arancini, Chips & salad


Small chips


garden salad


water, soft drink, pop top


Large chips




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Catering your next event

Squidley's can travel as far south as Coffs Harbour in NSW, as far West as Goondiwindi, as far North as Rockhampton and all the places in between. With the Squidley's van it's easy to travel to your event.

Caring about our environment

All of our packaging is BIO CANE which is totally environmentally friendly as well as using all natural cleaning and sanitising products to help preserve our wonderful world.

Our community

We care about our Community and believe in giving in back to those-in-need.


We are huge supporters of the Drought Angels and 5% of our profits from every festival are donated to this wonderful charity helping out our farmers in need.

23rd April 2021 - Borumba Deer Park - Imbil - 4pm to 7pm
24th April 2021 - Streatside @ The Met - Maroochydore - 3pm to 9pm
30th April 2021 - Borumba Deer Park - Imbil - 4pm to 7pm
1st may 2021 - terella brewery - north arm - 10:30am to 5pm
7th May 2021 - Borumba Deer Park - Imbil - 4pm to 7pm
8th may 2021 - terella brewery - north arm - 10:30am to 5pm

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